Wonderful App tests kids’ skills in math: Add Subtract Multiply Divide

This math learning game examines the kids skills in basic math operations: multiplication, subtraction, division, and addition. The application generates an infinite number of questions and helps kids know the correct answer.

✨ Application features:
👉 The player can mute music whenever he wants.
👉 There is a number that shows how many correct questions the child answered.
👉 There is encouragement for the child when he gets new ten points.
👉 The child will use the numbers pad to write the correct answer.

There are educational lessons to teach the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on Internet in multiple methods. This application provides methods for teaching kids through tests and practices. It presents a series of random questions whenever you solve a question it shows a new one to you.
With this mechanism of mathematics teaching, the application allows the teaching of addition quickly, where the child knows correct from incorrect answer directly.

Download App: Add Subtract Multiply Divide Tests for Kids

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