Jobs in English | Job Kinds | Jobs List

Job Kinds in English with a big list of jobs and pictures (Jobs List).

Job Kinds App is an easy and interesting educational application teaches jobs list in English with a big list of jobs. It can be used to teach jobs for kids, professions for kids, or occupations for kids because you can get jobs flashcards. In addition, English students can learn about jobs and occupations or English teachers use it as a tool on how to teach jobs and occupations.

✨App Features:
👉 App pronounces job name when you click job picture of any pic of the list of professions.
👉 The application shows job name under its picture if you click the job icon from jobs list.
👉 It shows job pictures in icon size and large size.
👉 There is a nice musical background and also gives you the opportunity to stop it.
👉 You can hear job name again using the repeat icon.
👉 There are exciting pictures for list of jobs.
👉 Icons in job listings are sorted up to the most interesting jobs for kids .

  • Jobs in English | Job Kinds | Jobs List
  • Jobs in English | Job Kinds | Jobs List
  • Jobs in English | Job Kinds | Jobs List
  • Jobs in English | Job Kinds | Jobs List
  • Jobs in English | Job Kinds | Jobs List
  • Jobs in English | Job Kinds | Jobs List

This App is for mixed audience, may be for Kids (Teaching occupations to preschoolers) or English language students 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 from all over the world (General vocabulary job and occupation). English language centers, IELTS courses, TOEFL courses, English teachers, and many others can use it in their lessons.

The application displays the following Job Kinds in English: Teacher, Doctor, Dentist, Dealer, Accountant, Judge, Guard, Smith, Engineer, Baker, Lawyer, Tailor, Barber, Clown, Photographer, Cleaner, Programmer, Mechanic, Painter, Driver, Woodcutter, Secretary, Cashier, Builder, Electrician, Butcher, Pilot, Soldier, Journalist, Firefighter, Postman, Nurse, Waiter, Carpenter, Farmer, Player, Policeman, Cooker, Moneychanger, Pharmacist.

👍👍👍 Try it now and Learn Jobs and list of professions 👍👍👍
Human dreams are big, and this starts from his early age since learning the lists of occupations. All of us have dream jobs that think of. I need to learn list of careers to find my dream job from many types of jobs.

There are similar career fields such as: Programmer and photographer, who can work from home. Also, we can mention career examples on work from home such as architect.
List of common occupations are mention in this App, there is farmer and cooker who is related to food.

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In addition, this App connects kids to the interesting and educational FlashToons YouTube channel through this URL Click Here