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World Countries | World Flags | World Capitals

World Countries World Flags World Capitals

List of world countries and world capitals with world flags and countries maps.

👉 A big list of world countries including world flags and world capitals.
👉 App shows gallery of world flags. You can click any flag to enlarge the flag picture and listen to country name and capital name.
👉 There is a button to repeat hearing name of country and capital.
👉 There is a button to open worldwide map from Google maps and locate a specific country.
👉 There are buttons to scroll between all country flags to make list of country flags is accessible.

👉 Flags of the world with names can be read and heard after opening country flag.
👉 World capitals are written each under country name.
👉 App contains smallest country in the world, richest country in the world, largest country in the world, poorest country in the world, biggest country in the world.
👉 App contains Arab countries, European countries, Asian countries, African countries, and American countries.

Download App: World Countries | World Flags | World Capitals

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