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Arabic Alphabet Hunter Game

Aleph Baa Hunter is an educational game teaches the Arabic Alphabet for kids.

Arabic letters game is an educational game to teach children Arabic Alphabet. This Quran alphabet app makes kids learn Arabic through striving to hunt the correct letter after hearing its sound.

✨ Game Features:
⭐ To learn Arabic letters the game will generate an unlimited number of Arabic alphabet letters and say their spelling.
⭐ The child should turn mobile or tablet right or left to make the train move and hunt the correct letter (Arabic alphabet). The player can make train hits the Arabic letter if mobile was turned left or right.

⭐ The child can mute or unmute background sound in this Quran alphabet app.
⭐ The score can show how many correct alphabet letters (the Arabic letter) were selected.
⭐ The score will be decreased if an incorrect letter was chosen.
⭐ Children can be motivated to learn Arabic when every new added five points on total score.
⭐ Social buttons are supported in this Quran alphabet app.

Download App: Arabic Alphabet Hunter Game

In addition, this App connects kids to the interesting and educational FlashToons YouTube channel through this URL Click Here


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